T  V     S  E  R  I  E  S    &    P  R  O  G  R  A  M  S

Lake Depths of Humanity : Series

Lake Depths of Humanity will be a TV series that dives deep into the world of Non profit organizations. The show will be filmed in a documentary style, following organizers and professionals to show viewers the day to day activities involved in their work.

Coverage will also include emotional interviews with beneficiaries of non-profit services showing how it changed and effected their lives, interviews with talent booked at non-profit events, and candid commentary and footage of the voulanteers in the middle of the face-to-face action.


Focus Future, Now : Programming

Focusing on the young men and women involved in high-school sports, vocational club programs and community activities, and the teachers who are preparing them to be the future leaders of their hometown.

Focus Future, Now will be a program that includes a large variety of shows that include coverage of highschool sports, coverage of extra curricular activities (such as debate team competitions, FFA events, etc), and educational shows in the areas of Science, Art, Music, Literature, and any other subject that can benefit from creative, fun and exciting television content.

Educational shows may include:

- A biographical series focusing on historic and current leaders in each subject. For instance, one episode would focus on the life of Author Stephen King or Edgar Allen Poe as literature legends, Pythagoras as an important historical figure in mathematics, Socrates for social studies, etc.

- Practical applications of subject matter in the real world and the future of ideas and innovations in each subject demonstrated through teacher interviews, documentary style coverage in real scenarios with experienced professionals in their fields, narration, visual aids and actor sketches, and other cutting edge educational programming methods.


Expedition Covert Entrée : Series

Expedition Covert Entrée is a restaurant discovery and adventure tasting show focusing on all types of cuisine served up at establishments in Lake County.

Our Host Will visit Lake County restaurants to get to know the menu, have some Q&A time and fun with the staff, and sample a dish of their choosing to show viewers the full experience from start to finish. Some episodes will focus on local favorite restaurants recommended through street interviews caught on camera, some will focus on restaurants found off-the-beaten-path that serve items unique to their location and town culture, some episodes will follow our host through exciting night life of bars and late night establishments, and other episodes will focus on food served at events such as festivals, concerts and non-profit occasions.


Casting Clearlake : Series

Two lover’s of fishing will take on the challenges and enjoyment of fishing trips and visits to Clearlake and it’s lake shore activities in the TV series, Casting Clearlake.

Follow their misadventures, comedic relationship, intimate moments with family all while they teach us all about lake county fishing and how to enjoy the lakes-shore food and entertainment.

Watch them fight fish, juggle squiggly slimy bait, tell us about the ancient to modern history of Clearlake talk about the types of fish, show us the best places and times to go fishing and where the best places are to relax after a long and grueling day of catching dinner.


Lake County – On the Road : Programming

The host of this show will be chauffeured to the wineries of lake county in many of the episodes aired during the Lake County – On the Road programming. As the mini tour bus takes him from location to location, the host will be interviewed on their experiences, family, life as a lake County resident, and many other subjects. From time to time, episodes will focus on the pit stops along the road to the wineries, to take a look at the beauty and nature of the indigenous life and scenery of the mountains and valleys.

Photo opportunity hot spots will be discovered, we will learn more about the history of Lake County locations, the beauty and tranquility of the destination will be uncovered, wine makers will show us their favorite ways to press their best wines and the learning adventure will continue with breathtaking visuals and intriguing information.


Extreme Resort Makeover : Series

ExtremeResortMakeover_LogoTools are flying as the crew of Hoberg’s Resort & Spa race to get the resort open on time. See how the Extreme Resort Makeover team can transform this 125 year old resort back to it’s historic grandeur.

The schedule is tight, tempers fly and the drama increases daily as a group of team contractors have to perform this Herculean task with around the clock renovation…their every move video-taped for posterity.

The Hobergs family and visitors from 50 years ago are anxiously waiting to see if their beloved resort will rise again. Can the entire Hobergs Crew get this historic resort open on time for the big grand opening?